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• The original, patented ceramic nano technology by XADO.

• All products backed by our product warranty.

• Protected by full product liability

• Certified effective by TUV International

• Independent SAE testing

• Independent government testing

• Manufacturered under strict ISO 9001-2000 Certification standards

• Live technical support and customer service.

• Contains no PTFEs, chlorine, waxes or carbon.


FriktionTek® is a new and improved product line from XADO

In 2008, US EnviroTech, Inc. partnered with industry leader XADO Chemical Concern to launch FriktionTek®– a new and improved American product line using their ceramic-metal formula geared for US market needs. FriktionTek® products are manufactured by XADO® Chemical Concern and packaged in the USA. US EnviroTech, Inc. owns the FriktionTek® trademark and the exclusive rebranding and packaging rights to all XADO products sold in North America.

FriktionTek Headquarters

FriktionTek® Products Division of US EnviroTech, inc. is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico with distributors located throughout the country and Mexico.





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FriktonTek® Products

Friktionek® Applications

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The History

The sciences of cermets, the technology used to develop FriktionTek® by XADO, is not new. Cermets been researched for decades worldwide. One region that is known internationally for the study and advancement of cermets is the Ukraine, the home of industry leader, XADO Chemical Concern.

The basis for our technology was discovered by scientists when they were researching deep hole drilling in Siberia more than 20 years ago. They noticed that the mineral compound of the site was creating a chemical reaction that strengthened and sharpened the drill bit rather than showing the usual dulling action. Upon this discovery, they spent years researching cermets, cermet layers and possible applications through esteemed research facilities like the Institute for Problems of Materials Science, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev with several scientific papers published by renowned scientist I.N. Frantsevich.

When the Ukrainian's gained their freedom in 1991, the technology was made available to the public along with many of their technological discoveries. In that same year, XADO Chemical Concern was launched and began work on practical commercial and consumer applications. By 1996, they refined the technology for mass production and began the consumer testing and approval process. XADO® Products were introduced to the open market by 1999. In 2001, XADO® received a US Patent for their Ceramic-Metal Conditioner.


Fleet Programs

Whether you need to reduce fuel and operating costs, reduce emissions or extend the life of your fleet, our professional team can develop a customized program that meets your specific needs with guaranteed results. For a free consultation, call us at 505-280-0095.

Distributorship Programs

FriktionTek® by XADO is currently seeking regional distributors. Our distributors must have extensive automotive or engineering expertise and the ability to develop a professional, consultative sales team to connect with automotive, transportation, manufacturing, energy, agriculture and retail trade sectors within your region. We have a traditional distributorship structure and will not consider multi-level marketing or pyramid programs. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, contact us at 505-280-0095 or email your inquiry at

Retail and Lube Programs

If you have an existing automotive retail or service business, contact us to learn more about our risk-free program. We offer full training for your staff and all POS material. Call us at 505-280-0095 or send us an email inquiry at

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Full Product Line

FriktionTek by XADO's key products are our ceramic oil additives. However, we also have a full product line containing the patented ceramic compound including:

Ceramic Penetrating Oil

Ceramic Mineral and Syntheic OIls of all grades

Ceramic Greases (CV Joint, Repairing, High Speed and High Tmperature)

Ceramic Special fluids (including pre-treatments and brake fluid)

We also have gels for bearings and compressors. Our products are available in multiple sizes for industrial applications.

For product availability and pricing, contact us at 505-280-0095 or click to send us an email.


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